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Routes 92, 107, 111, 114, 115 and 305
Public Hearing

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will conduct public hearings regarding Routes 92, 107, 111, 114, 115 and 305, which propose to make permanent routing changes as SEPTA was requested to cease operating direct transit service through three shopping centers and one office park managed by the Wolfson-Verrichia Group (Eddystone Crossing, Main Street at Exton and MacDade Mall and the Franklin Mint Office Park).   Due to low patronage on Route 115 at MacDade Mall, Route 115 would be restructured and combined with Route 305 to reduce operating expenses.  The following tariffs are proposed to be changed:

Route 92 – Tariff No. 159, Supplement No. 9
Route 107 – Tariff No. 90, Supplement No. 2
Route 111 – Tariff No. 87, Supplement No. 5
Route 114 – Tariff No. 60, Supplement No. 9
Route 115 – Tariff No. 129, Supplement No. 7 
Route 305 – Tariff No. 236, Supplement No. 2


Route 92

Route 92 formerly served the Main Street at Exton Shopping Center.  Service was discontinued through the facility along Commerce Drive, Indian Run Street and Bartlett Avenue.  Currently, these thoroughfares have not been dedicated to West Whiteland Township.  Once this process is completed, Route 92 would resume service to this center.  In the interim, bus service would continue using Pottstown Pike in both directions bypassing the facility.

Route 107
Route 107 provided direct service to MacDade Mall.  Service was discontinued and rerouted along MacDade Boulevard and South Avenue so that passengers could still access the facility by way of existing bus stops located a short distance from the Mall.  In order to continue providing service to the Mall, bus service along Academy Avenue was temporarily discontinued due to low ridership as five passenger trips per day utilized this segment.  It is proposed to make this routing change permanent.

Route 111
Route 111 provided direct service to the Franklin Mint Office Park.  Service was discontinued and rerouted along Baltimore Pike in both directions.  It is proposed to make this routing change permanent.

Route 114
Route 114 provided direct service to the Eddystone Crossings Shopping Center, in addition to serving Baldwin Tower and Trans Union.  Service was discontinued and rerouted along Chester Pike in both directions.  Unfortunately, buses can not safely provide service to Baldwin Tower and Trans Union as buses destined to Chester and Granite Run Mall would be exiting onto a four-lane highway without the benefit of traffic control protection.  It is proposed to make the above routing change permanent.

Route 115 and Route 305
Route 115 provided direct service to MacDade Mall.  Service was discontinued and a detour routing was established that added 1.60 miles to each round-trip via MacDade Boulevard, Ashland Avenue, Academy Avenue and South Avenue in order to turn buses near MacDade Mall for the return trip to Ardmore.  Since the inception of the detour, SEPTA has received several complaints from nearby residents and from Glenolden Borough.  The routing has been revised via Prospect Park to alleviate this situation, but incurs an additional 0.75 miles per round trip. 

SEPTA staff evaluated ridership along the route extension to MacDade Mall that was implemented under the FY 2005 Annual Service Plan.  Presently, 60 passenger trips per day patronize this segment.  The operational cost of providing the service yields an 8% recovery ratio.  Since 2006, many shops had closed at MacDade Mall and had impacted the ridership which had previously exceeded 100 passenger trips. In order to reduce expenses, resolve operational issues, eliminate duplicative service and maximize the present operational resources, it is proposed to consolidate Route 305 into Route 115.  Route 115 would operate from Ardmore to Philadelphia International Airport and the Airport Business Center.  Service to MacDade Mall would be discontinued.  None of the passenger trips on Route 305 would lose service, but travel time would slightly increase.  This routing change will benefit passengers who reside in Delmar Village would now have a one-seat ride to connect with rail Route 102 at Sharon Hill Station, and would have the ability to travel to employment in southwest Philadelphia, including major employers at Philadelphia International Airport and the Airport Business Center.  Delmar Village passengers would also have the opportunity to use public transit on Sundays for the first time in nearly 35 years.  Additionally, this consolidation would improve access to Airport area businesses from more locations in Delaware County.  Current Route 115 riders who desire to shop at MacDade Mall would have the ability to do so by transferring at Darby Transportation Center.

A copy of the proposed tariff documents, which provides a detailed description of the proposed changes, is available for inspection at SEPTA’s Customer Service Office, 1234 Market Street, Lobby, Philadelphia, PA 19107.  The proposed maps are also available from this site from the links above.


Thursday, February 12, 2009
7:00 PM
Glenolden Borough Hall
Community Room
36 Boon Avenue
Glenolden, PA 19036-1735

Friday, February 13, 2009
2:30 PM
Exton Square Mall
Community Room
260 Exton Square Parkway
Exton, PA 19341

If you require a sign language interpreter at the public hearing, please make your request known, in writing, to SEPTA, Service Planning, 1234 Market Street, 9th FL, Philadelphia, PA 19107-3780, no later than February 6, 2009.

If you cannot attend the public hearing, but wish to enter your comments, your written comments will be entered into the record and be afforded the same consideration as if you attended and testified at the public hearing.  All written comments should be received no later than February 13, 2009.  Send your comments to SEPTA, Service Planning, 1234 Market Street, 9th Floor, Philadelphia, PA  19107-3780.

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